Re: 53 1/2ft gonThrall Car

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


The first ones I remember seeing that looked like that were 1967 or so. I
think they were either NYC or P&LE.

Elden Gatwood


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Well, I would like to know which roads had them, But my real question is do
these cars fit into the steam era or were they to late. When were the first
ones built?


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Which railroads had them?

C&O/B&O bought Thrall box car kits for DuBois in the late-60s.

Al Kresse

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Can somebody shed some light on the Thrall Car 53 1/2 ft gon? These
cars were welded had 14 ribs and I believe they were produced around
1960?? Was this car produced any earlier than this? Does anyone know
if there was a preceeding model with the same basic design that will
fit into the late steam era?


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