Re: ARA 1932 Box Cars; an HO Scale Atlas model - comments

Charlie Duckworth <trduck@...>

I just received the I-GN version of the Atlas car, nice model. For
someone in the throws of working on a prototype layout and working
time I was gave to see these come out. For years I avoided the built
up models as building was part of the fun in the hobby for me but like
every thing else in life it gets down to time management and do you
build structures, put in scenery or tackle the pile of resin kits?
Mopac had 3,000 of the 1932 boxcars so I need to have a few of these
my Mopac layout and Atlas made the kit decision easy - they aren't
offering a kit version.

Eric's comments on the tack boards on the doors are correct - they
appear to be too long and should be three boards not two. Lettering
is sharp. On mine the roof walk boards bow up slightly on the ends.
They could have left off the large 'Made in China' on the bottom, I
don't need to be reminded were our money is going now days.

I did send Atlas information on the 'Route of the Eagles' scheme
telling them this paint scheme would appeal to a wider audience. We'll
see what they do.


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