Re: Pabst at the lettuce farm, 1931

Andy Carlson

I need to remind myself from time to time that our current Post Office official abreviations are relatively recent, certainly well past the steam era. There were no official 2 letter state abbreviations in the era of our interest.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008, 9:19 AM
Ron, the description says "Monroe, ca. 1931"
meaning Monroe, circa
1931. I've often seen Wn. used to abbreviate
Washington and I trust
what is on the photo more than what is on the web page.

Here is the series description for the photo collection
these come from:
"The Lee Pickett collection of over 900 photographs
documents scenes
from Snohomish, King and Chelan Counties in Washington
State from the
early 1900s to the 1940s. Based in Index, in the heart of
the Cascade
Mountains, he took thousands of photographs of that region.
includes the towns and people of Index, Gold Bar, Scenic,
and Sultan.
Local industries, such as the Heybrook Lumber Co. and Index
Works, are also depicted. Pickett was perhaps best known
for his job
as official photographer for the Great Northern Railway
Company. A
large number of his photographs reflect the program
undertaken by the
company in the 1920s to improve the line over the Cascade

This series has many photos of the Stevens Pass line of the
GN, but
unfortunately not many include freight cars.

Seattle, WA

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Nice Pics, but that is not Monroe, Washington. Web
Page says Monroe,
Ca, (California), but label on Pic says Monroe, Wn,
Ron Smith
Carman, UPRR

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FGEX, BREX, and WFEX cars were pooled. No more
surprising to see FGEX
cars on the GN than WFEX or BREX cars in Florida,
which also commonly
happened. See Bill Welch's essays for more

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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> Paul,
> Great images! Semi-surprised to see FGE cars
way out west.
> Why such a coarse (200 dpi) scanning rate?
Hopefully, they are
also doing Archival Quality scanning at 400-600 dpi
and in TIFF
formating (folks will want to crop and resize up,
and still have 300
dpi left for a publication). These won't stay
around for ever before
they fall apart.
> Al Kresse
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> From: "Paul Krueger"
> Here is a picture taken from the icing platform
at a lettuce farm in
> Monroe, WA. Can't see much of the car
sides, but there is clearly a
> Pabst car mixed in there. Incoming load?
> Two more related shots
> Paul
> Seattle, WA
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