Re: LBRX 201 (tank car) w/interior view

Jack Mullen

Paul Krueger wrote:

Here are two shots of a tank car used for transporting soap, evidently
documenting a broken valve. The shots date from 1948. One is a view
into the tank.

Nice find, Paul.

The second shot shows heating coils inside the tank, a detail we don't
normally get to see. The LBRX reporting marks belonged to the Lyle
Branchflower Company of Seattle, a fish-oil processor. My guess is
that the photos were taken for a personal injury case. While a leaky
valve isn't likely to justify photo documentation, a P.I. lawsuit
would. The first photo, of the man climbing onto or off of the dome,
has the look of an accident reenactment.

Notice the little steps and grabiron on the tank band right of center.
This is a feature of some older tank cars that I was unaware of until
Ted Culotta pointed it out in msg 75997. Since then, I've seen several
in photos. Thanks, Ted. Any i.d. for this car?

Jack Mullen

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