Re: "Different" flat load


Don't know if the loads were for trestle bends or not.

HOWEVER, with a load that stretches across 3 flat cars (2nd load also), this
consist would be restricted to track with big radius curves. Knowing the
load is 120 foot long, we can almost assume that the flat cars are 50 footers.

I have seen restrictions up to 240 foot radius curves (23 deg) wether
coupled or not on special flat cars only 72 foot long. This consist may have had
even bigger restrictions and a dispatchers nightmare on selecting track

Dick Kashdin
Clarence, NY

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devans1@... writes:

While checking out the ice platform at monroe, I decided to browse the
other 400+ railroad pictures. Mostly tunnel construction along the GN
- amazing photos and a gold mine if you were modeling that line in the
late '20's early 30's. Lots of GN head-end power.

Not a lot of freight car pix, but this one caught my eye as something
I have never seen modeled. Everyone seems to be doing naval guns and
big structural steel as multi-car flat loads, but this is different:


Hopefully the link works. If not, the neg number is Pickett 4473.

I wonder if these were for trestle bents?

Dave Evans

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