Re: Branchline box cars

Richard Hendrickson

Oooh, looky, some real FC questions:

What's the latest on Branchline freight cars?

Are the 40' [as opposed to 41'] box cars available yet?
No. It's my understanding that the tooling is finished, but (with only one
molding machine) BL has a BIG backlog of kits that have been promised but
aren't yet available - wood reefers, express reefers, etc. etc.

Do they have a version of their 50' box car that has a 10'6" IH and 4/4
early IDE's that can be used to model the UP A-50-18 and A-50-21?
Yes, and some of these kits have been produced, though not with UP
paint/lettering. In fact, their catalog doesn't show UP as one of the
future versions. Might be a golden opportunity to do a UP Historical
Society convention car, or something of the sort. Bill Schneider is very
easy to work with on a project of this kind, as I found when negotiating
for the convention cars for the San Jose NMRA convention.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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