Re: F&C UP PS-0 box car

Richard Hendrickson

On Sep 28, 2008, at 10:47 AM, cj riley wrote:

I have been poking around the archives and other sites with no
luck. Can anyone tell me the correct trucks for this model?

These cars were originally leased from Pullman and had no UP class
designation, but when the UP later purchased they they became classes
B-50-34 and B-50-35. There's a builder's photo of one in Terry
Metcalfe's UP freight car book (now, unfortunately, long out of
print) which shows them with AAR self-aligning spring-plankless
trucks. The closest HO scale match I can find is the Life-Like AAR
truck; side frames and bolster ends look right, though the journal
boxes are a bit oversize.

Richard Hendrickson

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