Re: "Different" flat load - Logs to Ford Motor

Malcolm H. Houck

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One wonders what the Ford Motor Co. was going to do with such logs in
Jersey? In 1929?
At one time Ford had a plant in Edgewater, NJ which was located on the
Hudson River. Maybe they used those logs as pilings.

The Ford operation at Iron Mountain, Michigan processed over six million
board feet of lumber every year, used for wood in Ford automobile bodies. Scrap
was burned in a central heating plant for the company operations, some excess
was feedstock for a bowling pin factory and remaining scrap was fed into a
destructive wood distillation plant; -- some of the output (acetate) of which
was used in celluloid ("Isinglass") production and with wood alcohol being
packaged and sold as "Fordzone" anti-freeze.

All of this's to say, that even outside of local harvesting the capacity and
appetite of the Iron Mountain operation was large enough to justify
importing lumber; -- for any number of uses. If the logs in question were a suitable
hardwood, either for primary use or for destructive wood distillation, then
they could (emphasize "could") be destined for Iron Mountain.

Mal Houck

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