Correction RE: Re: Pabst at the lettuce farm, 1931

Stokes John

Sorry, I goofed and added a . to the end of the url. Just delete the . and it works fine.Now check this link:

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Check this link: questions such as this one, a quick search on Google will most often turn up the answer faster and with less back and forth than just sitting waiting for someone else to find the answers. This one was simple, "state abbreviations" and the fourth site down was the jackpot (almost, it left out Ida. for Idaho and really puzzling, Tex. for Texas, otherwise seems to be right). I don't mean to preach about it, but over the last year I have seen dozens of such questions asked and then long strings or "I think it was this, but I'm not sure," or repeats of prior posts, and after dozens of posts, still no definitive answer, when the answer was just a few clicks away. Then share what you find if you think it is of general interest.If the link gets broken by yahoo, just type the link into your browser. John StokesBellevue, WATo: STMFC@...: dharding@...: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 08:41:09 -0500Subject: [STMFC] Re: Pabst at the lettuce farm, 1931Iowa was Ia.As to the Pabst car, it's presence shows why the law we commonly call the "billboard reefer ban" was enacted. Shippers did notlike putting their product in cars that "advertised" another product. Am I correct in understanding many of the "billboard" carswere leased and ran under the reporting marks of their own, ie URTC or GATC, and thus could be found loading products almostanything where a reefer was needed.Doug

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