Re: LBRX 201 (tank car) w/interior view

Tim O'Connor

I think (although I'm not 100% positive) that tank cars continued to be built
in the 1940's with single footboards. I'm at work and can't check my source
materials right now... Certainly many tank cars still had single footboards
in the 1950's, so if there was a rule it must have had a grandfather clause.

Tim O'

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From: "Charlie Vlk" <cvlk@...>
I had some discussions with Stan Grace, the last owner of Grace Tank Car Lines,
a family-owned Chicago-based lessor of tank cars and used equipment dealer
founded by his grandfather in
the early teens.
Stan recounted that many tank cars had only one footboard at the dome (and some
had none at all) and that was the source of a number of injuries and subsequent
lawsuits from railroad
and shipper/receiver workers. Eventulally the ARA rules were changed to require
cars to be built with dual footboards and I don't know if the older cars were
required to have them added.
The interior shots may illustrate the reason why the worker was going onto the
car (to inspect or repair the steam coils??) as there would be no reason to
climb on the car to connect the steam
Charlie Vlk

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