Re: Pabst at the lettuce farm, 1931


Wasn't the Volstead Act still in place in 1931? If so, the car would
not have been used for Beer transport. During this time Pabst
Brewiing Co. was making cheese. A load of cheese being iced?

George A Walls

Nobody knows, or will ever know, what that Pabst car was doing
there. And speculation is just that - speculation. But let's cut
the chase here. The evidence we have from other sources strongly
suggests that the use of such a leased car to transport
for a shipper other that the lessee was unusual, whether it was
actually happening in this particular case or not. If I were
modeling the early 1930s, I'd avoid modeling a beer reefer being
loaded with lettuce as being unlikely and implausible, and I'd
certainly avoid waving this photo around as evidence that it
have happened. Otherwise I'd find myself sliding down the
slope from historically accurate scale modeling to the tiresome
refrain, "it's my model railroad and I can do whatever I like."

Richard Hendrickson

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