Re: P2K 10,000 gal. tank cars

Bruce Smith

On Sep 29, 2008, at 8:55 AM, ed_mines wrote:

Forgive me if this question was answered before, but what were some
common prototypes for the aforementioned model?
The P2k model is the AC&F type 21.

Or do you mean common reporting marks/schemes? As with almost all tank cars, private owners dominate. The largest fleet was probably in AC&F's own lease fleet, SHPX. AFAIK, Richard has provided the data to P2K for all or most of the paint and lettering schemes that have been produced, so unlike most other decorated cars, my usual assumption with P2K tank cars is that the P&L is correct. HOWEVER, you must be aware that not all P&L is correct for every era, so research particular cars in the archives if you have a question. The AC&F tank car book (Kaminski) is of limited use for this aspect as most photos are builders photos of cars in the 1920s, and there was a lot of repainting etc over the years. OTOH, the book is excellent for showing the details and the progression of tank cars.


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