Re: Loading tank cars with tung oil, 1929

Tim O'Connor

If you zoom in at 100% you can see large coil springs in a horizontal
position at the level of the draft gear. What the heck is that? Or could
it be coiled pipes?

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Garth G. Groff" <>

Very interesting photos. Thanks. Does anyone know the use of that little
arched pipe on the foremost tank car in the second photo? I think I've
seen this before in photos of TCX on cars in tar service.

Interesting name for the ship, "Alabama Maru". Could Alabama also be a
Japanese word? I would not be surprised if this ship ended up on the
bottom of some sound during WWII, perhaps carrying a different name.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Paul Krueger wrote:
With the recent discussion of tank car loading, I thought I'd share
these two photos I stumbled upon this morning.

You can zoom in on the image by clicking it. The cars in the first
image are STCX.

Tiny url:

Full link:

Tiny url:

Full link:

Seattle, WA

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