Re: Loading tank cars with tung oil, 1929

Dennis Storzek

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If you zoom in at 100% you can see large coil springs in a horizontal
position at the level of the draft gear. What the heck is that? Or could
it be coiled pipes?

Tim O'Connor

They are the springs that load the shock absorbing wedges in Cardwell
and some other brands of draft gear. Real common during the twenties,
ARA draft sill standards show the location of the slots these springs
protrude through, although I think their inclusionwas optional. UTLX
liked these draft gears, and they really show on a model of a car with
high walkways, but you need a scale width draft gear "box" to have the
whole affair look correct.

Unfortunately, the Cardwell name has been reused in recent times, so I
can't find a web link to an illustration, but they were well
illustrated in the CBCs of the day. The outer springs were about the
size of truck springs, about 5" in diameter, and projected 9" 10" out
from the web of the center sills, and were retained by a large cast
washer. Grandt Line has some model cast washers intended for truss
rods that would work.


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