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michael bishop wrote:
During the Prohibtion in the United States on the Federal level from
January 29, 1920 to March 22, 1933 ( this allowed 3.2 beer and some
wines) then December 5, 1933 when the The Eighteenth Amendment was
repealed with ratification of the Twenty-first Amendent became law.
How  were the beer reefers used? If leased, were turned back into the
leaseing company and used how ever needed?  If company owned, were the
sold off, placed into a lease to someone else? 13 years is a long time
for cars sit around and do nothing.
Richard Hendrickson, author of the authoritative book on billboard
cars, can probably answer better than me, but the 1920s were a time of
greatly increasing produce shipments from the west, along with boom
economic times generally. I'm sure the pre-1920 beer cars did not "sit
around and do nothing."

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