Re: Alco Models Greenviile Well Hole Flatcar Model

Bruce Smith

On Oct 2, 2008, at 11:53 AM, wrote:

I have uploaded two photos of the Alco Models car in the Photos section of the website. Following is a link:

Scott Seders

Yep - sure looks like a PRR F33 flat. photo=PRR_470090_F33_MLC1939.jpg&fr=clF33 photo=PRR_470088_F33_E13620_051142.jpg&fr=clF33 photo=PRR_470011_F33_E11327_34view.jpg&fr=clF33

Because this car was built by Greenville to a PRR design, it is possible that other railroads used the design as well. Due to the specialized nature of the car, it could be seen anywhere a large load needed to be delivered...

The F33 was covered in TKM #40, which if you have not been downloading, is available on CD from the PRRT&HS. The car is offered in resin in HO by F&C, so that might be the best place to go for decals.


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