Re: California Despatch Line-Roma Wine reefer


For anyone interested, one of the California Despatch ex-PFE reefers,
(class R-30-5)that was converted to a Roma Wine car, is now at
Railtown, in Jamestown, Calif, on the Sierra RR. In 1933-35, 41 cars
went to the CDLX (#277-317) for wine service, ice bunks removed, 6
tanks with roof filler hatches installed, and leased and lettered for
different wineries.. The car at Jamestown is ex-Pickering Lbr. Co.
MW24, who bought the car from CDLX at an unknown date. After donation
to the Sierra, the reefer doors were replaced by boxcar doors for movie
work. The car has 6 roof hatches spaced along one side of the roof
only, now covered on the outside by roof sheathing. (All this
informaiton from Kyle Wyatt, of the Calif. State RR Museum). None is
this is shown in the new billboard reefer book, which gives the
impression that billboard reefers were rarely seen in the West. But
then, a wine car isn't a reefer anymore anyway.

Stan Schwedler

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