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Yeah that is what I was thinking but wasn't sure if that car might have been on long term "loan" to the L&N before that.  I am looking for a car to model to along with my Clinchfield stuff.   I thought about doing the C&O car but then after seeing the wood Westinghouse car I thought it may work also.  Just not sure when the Westinghouse car was retired.  However if the L&N had the NC&StL car on loan the I might get away with that.  I guess I could do whichever I want because we all know there is a "prototype" for everything.

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Thanks Frank, I wondered if the L&N had used that car from time to
time.  Do you know what year they bought it?  I know that ALCO car
from that link was orginally NKP.  It was painted ALCO in the 60's I

Kevin: While not an L&N expert I assume they "bought" the dynamometer car
when they merged the RR in 1957.
Brian Carlson

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