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Frank Greene

n Wed, 8 Oct 2008 10:56:15 -0700 (PDT), Kevin Sprayberry wrote

Thanks Frank, I wondered if the L&N had used that car from time to time. Do you know what year they bought it?

Kevin: While not an L&N expert I assume they "bought" the dynamometer car when they merged the RR in 1957.
Brian Carlson

Steve Johnson, who has forgotten more L&N and NC&StL facts than I will ever know wrote in the "L&N Color Guide" about L&N 42365:

"Here is indeed a rare car in m-of-w service. Originally a dynamometer car,
it was built by ACF about 1916, and finished by NC&StL in 1917 as the
railroad's no. 90130. L&N purchased the car from the NC in 1937, after
having leased it in the 1920s and 1930s, and renumbered it to L&N no. 41900.
The dynamometer car served L&N until the demise of steam on the railroad in
1957, at which time the car was given a second career in m-of-w service, as
no. 42365. The car's kitchen, sleeping berths, office space and work area
made it well-suited to become a camp car. Shown here in Radnor Yard in March
1969, the unique camp car was sold for scrap in the early 1970s. On the
verge of being cut up, the car was saved by a private individual who stored
it at Kentucky Railway Museum sites in Louisville, KY, for several years. In
1978, the car was purchased by the Bluegrass Railroad Museum at Versailles,


Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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