Re: Mark Vaughan Wabash Decal Opinions and Correct Set?


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Jason Sanford
"I am thinking about using Mark Vaughan's Wabash decal set E-1 to
letter an OMI Wabash 40' #76000-76238 series wood boxcar with single
door. Is this the best and correct option to letter this car? Is
there a better option out there for lettering these cars? I model
1942. Thanks."

Your teminology is a bit confusing - "wood" boxcar doesn't tell me
much. Is it a single or double sheathed car?
These were single-sheathed; they were rebuilt in 1941 from 46000-
series double-door auto cars, likewise single-sheathed. Culotta, RMC
9/07 p 98. I haven't seen a photo of the 76000 series but Ted's
article has pictures of several other series.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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