Re: US Army Air Corp Pics - Major cities

Walter M. Clark

But I thought you meant the Reconstruction Finance Corporation,
started under the Herbert Hoover administration as a lame attempt to
do something about the start of the Depression<g>.

Time stopped in November 1941, and I didn't see Hoover talking about
it on television, either<g>
Walter M. Clark
Pullman, Washington, USA

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      I meant the New Deal!!!  Sorry about my confusing post.  Glad
everyone got a laugh!
      The rest of the data is correct.
Bob McCarthy 

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Bob McCarthy wrote:
. . . the man who developed aircraft based photography/ photomapping
for the Department of Agriculture during Reconstruction. 
If, as I was taught, Reconstruction was the period after the Civil
War, Mr. Ellerbe was awfully farsighted to have invented this, since
airplanes themselves didn't exist yet.

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