Re: Paint Failure on Outside Metal Roofs

Tim O'Connor

You all never heard of "acid rain"? The eastern U.S. was
a harsh environment for paint. I grew up in NJ in the 60's
and I can tell you that paint on autos deteriorated very
rapidly compared to places like California or Cuba... so I
am certain that rates of deterioration varied a lot around
the US.

There's a great photo inside the front cover of "West From
Omaha" of a 1-1/2 door CofG 1937 box car that shows peeled
paint on the roof, rusty seams and doors and faded paint -
a real case study in grime deposits and weathering.

Tim O'Connor

Walter M. Clark wrote:
A follow-up: regarding the 1937 AAR house cars, about how long, on
average (I'm only asking for a reasonably close guess here <g>) did it
take for the paint to begin failing? I'm (eventually) building
several Red Caboose 1937 AAR box cars, both corner types, and am
modeling November 1941.
Gosh, Walter, it must have varied <g>. But I'd guess that few
1937-design cars were showing much paint failure by 1941 (and remember
that not all 1937 designs were BUILT in that year).

Tony Thompson

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