Re: HO USRA Gondola Decals Source?


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Jason, most USRA gons had been rebuilt or modified by 1942, but
that still had them in original condition included (in addition to
the SP, as pointed out by Tony Thompson) the L&N, M&StL (which
a bunch second-hand from the L&N), KCS, NS, L&M, and Frisco (some
cars; others were rebuilt).

Richard Hendrickson
I've got a Precision USRA gon that came painted for NYC. It's my
impression that these NYC cars weren't around in unmodified form in
the era I'm interested in (1945 on). I would like to repaint it for
M&StL or Frisco because the above quote. I, so far, haven't found
photos for lettering. Can anyone direct me? I would think that both
would have been painted one of the many variants of "freight car
red". Does anyone disagree?

Edward Sutorik

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