Re: New HO scale 70-ton flatcar

Peter Ness

Some New Haven 17300-series 70-ton flats (along with welded side
17200-series cars) were converted to TOFC service in the late '30's.
These cars lasted in this role until ca. 1953 when replaced with 40'
flats. The original converted 17300 (and 17200) series cars were
capable of carrying two of the shorter trailers of the time.

To my knowledge all 17300-series cars converted for TOFC service had
the drop staff hand brake relocated from the end of the car to the
side and replaced with a Peacock hand brake. Photos show that after
the cars were returned from TOFC to general service, the side-mounted
hand brake was retained.

Later than 1953 (I don't have my references handy...) some 17300-
series flats were modified with bulkhead ends into 19000-series
bulkhead flats for brick and gypsum service. There were two groups
in the 19000-series, with two different styles of bulkhead ends.

Bottom line, the IM cars are most likely not foobies for New Haven -
except depending on what road numbers are applied and what year the
modeler places them in service, there is a chance the car with road
number may not have been a straight 70t AAR flat.

Hope this helps,

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On Oct 13, 2008, at 6:00 PM, Gene Green wrote:


How will the new Intermountain 70-ton flat car differ from the
53'-6" flat car we already have?
In addition to the obvious differences in trucks, the following is
brief description of the differences. The fish-belly sides of the
50-ton AAR cars have a steeper slope than the 70-ton AAR cars, a
different underframe arrangement, and the decks are significantly
different. The 50-ton deck is wood from end to end. The 70-ton deck
steel plate flush with the top of the deck crosswise at the bolster
plus T-sections of steel between the bolsters and end sills. Thus,
wood portion of the 70-ton deck is split into 5 sections, two small
sections at each end and one larger section between the bolsters.
Ed Hawkins

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