Re: New HO scale 70-ton flatcar

Tim O'Connor


I have a shot of B&O 9273, a 70 ton car w/ 14 stake pockets.
The class appears to be P-32.

One more thing, since the draft gear face is cast into the
end sill, IRC will have the choice to make it to scale, or
make it oversize. I wonder which they will choose?

Tim O'Connor

If I could just read the lettering on that and count the stake pockets.
When I expanded the B&O car its number seemed to be 8400.
Everything else was too fuzzy to read.

The B&O had some 70-ton 53'-6" cars built in 1953-54 Nos. 8400-8499.
Underframes by Greenville, body by B&O DuBois shops. Floor 10'-6"

And some more were acquired in 1955 Nos. 8900-8979. But these floors
were only 10'-4" wide.

All of these rode on B&O 51-Xa trucks. These cars weight was 60,400.
They had 14 stake pockets per side. The B&O Class was P-31.

Being built by Greenville I guess they were all riveted cars. Photos in
collection shows them to be riveted cars.

Many of this class were converted by the B&O in 1953, 54 & 56 at Mt Clare
to class P-31a for "TOFCEE" trailers, P-31b for "TOTE" bins in '59, P-31c
Plasterboard in 1960, P-31d with Cushion Cradles in '60 and P-31e & f in
later years
for other special service.

Question: If the B&O built the bodies for these cars what did they do?
Just put the floors on?
Or did they add the brake systems, grabirons and trucks
to bare underframes that
were shipped to them on other flatcars or in gondola
cars? Greenville isn't too far
from DuBois.
Ed.K. B&O Modeler.

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