Re: New HO scale 70-ton flatcar

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

This seems to be one of the last of that batch of non-"signature" cars that
Richard did articles on, that had not been done.

Of course, I just finished my resin version recently...well, it WAS fun. And
a good kit.

So, when is someone going to do the alternate standard twin offset hopper?
That seems to be the most obvious missing car now, or am I missing another
more obvious?

Lastly, on the subject of flat cars, why hasn't Walthers re-done their GSC
"Commonwealth" car as a state-of-the-art car. No laughing, now...

Elden Gatwood


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AAR 70-ton flatcar from Intermountain:

Walt Lankenau
ProtoWest has a resin kit for this car and some prototype info and
photos on their web site...

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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