Re: True Scale HO sill steps

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Tim suggested:

Many of Al's kits use similar methods using flat brass 'wire'.
Personally I'd like to see someone do an etched sheet of strip
brass in several scale widths, each piece 3-4" long. It would
be generic material, thinner than the Detail Associates flat
strips, easier to bend and twist, for many applications. Easy
to cut too, because the cuts are not lengthwise -- as you said
it's really hard to cut shim material so narrowly.
Such a material is already available. I use brass strip material from Russ
Simpson for making the special steps and for making lateral walk supports on
resin kits rather than mess with the resin parts. Simpson's material is 1/2
hard brass (and thus easy to bend and cut) and available in the following HO
#255 - 1/2x2
#254 - 1/2x3
#926 - 1/2x4
#332 - 3/4x3
#927 - 3/4x4

For the 1x2 I have in front of me, there are 10 each 4" long pieces per
package for $5.00. The pieces have a slight twist in them from shearing but
that is easy to fix since the material is 1/2 hard brass.

The problem is that Russ Simpson doesn't have a website and doesn't
advertise. But I purchase them from the Swedler brothers at Coronado Scale
Models who have been advertising the Gazette since the very first issue;
Stan Swedler is also a member of this chat list. Coronado Scale Models
doesn't have a web address either but you can e-mail them at
coronadoscalemod@... or call them at (602) 254-9656. They don't always
have these items in stock since Simpson isn't good at filling orders in a
timely manner but they can probably get them from Simpson more easily and in
a more timely manner than we can.

Jack Burgess

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