Re: True Scale HO sill steps

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Alan. I hope lots of scrap too -- mostly brass & stainless
steel. The material I like best for this sort of use is phosphor bronze.
If you've seen any of the Railyard kits then you've seen the wonderful
stuff that can be made from this material, including scale size angles,
channels and Z bar.

Tim O'Connor

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here in the UK we have a number of suppliers of thin metal strip (brass,
steel, nickel silver, phosphor bronze) in various thicknesses and widths
for modelling - what sort of sizes are you after?? (The main supplier I
thinking of, Eileen's Emporuim, don't yet have a website, otherwise I'd
post a link).

In addition, I know I have lots of thin brass strip from waste sections
of etched brass kits, if I find something which might be useful I'd be
happy to post some over.

London, UK

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Walter M. Clark wrote

>> My current adventure<g> is modeling sill steps for Harriman
>> SP box cars.

Many of Al's kits use similar methods using flat brass 'wire'.
Personally I'd like to see someone do an etched sheet of strip
brass in several scale widths, each piece 3-4" long. It would
be generic material, thinner than the Detail Associates flat
strips, easier to bend and twist, for many applications. Easy
to cut too, because the cuts are not lengthwise -- as you said
it's really hard to cut shim material so narrowly.

Tim O'Connor

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