New Item! Tsunami Diesel Decoders in the AT100 Format (Light Board Replacement)


New Item! Tsunami Diesel Decoders in the AT100 Format

Tsunami Diesel TSU -AT1000 1 Amp Plug & Play Decoders
The long awaited TSU-AT1000 has arrived! These are
designed to replace the light board installed in many of
today's DCC-Ready locomotives. Each TSU-AT1000 includes
up to 16 airhorns built into each model with no need for
additional software or special programmers. Diesel versions
include such effects as Diesel Exhaust, Engine Start-up,
Engine Shut-down, Bell, Airhorns, Radiator Fans, Compressor,
Dynamic Brakes, Brake Squeal, Coupler Clank and more!
The TSU-AT1000 features the same great 16 bit sound found
in the Tsunami with the simplicity of a Plug & Play decoder.
A few new features on the TSU-AT1000 are a 1.5 volt
regulator for mini-bulbs as well as 4 lighting outputs.

Six versions will be available to ship within the next 2 weeks:
Part # 828040- EMD 567 (1st Generation)
Part # 828041- EMD 645 (2nd Generation)
Part # 828042- EMD 710 (3rd Generation)
Part # 828043- ALCO 244 (V12)
Part # 828044- ALCO 251 (V12)
Part # 828045- ALCO 251 (V16)
Part # 828046- GE FDL-16
Part # 828047- Fairbanks-Morse

List price on these is $99.95. Our price will be $79.99 each, plus
shipping (and sales tax if you happen to live in Florida). Please
contact us at trolleysndollies@... or you may call us at
(386) 428-1676 for further information and purchasing.
Tom Meyer
Trolleys N' Dollies
Edgewater, FL

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