Re: Paint Failure on Outside Metal Roofs

Charlie Duckworth <trduck@...>

I've been finishing up many of my builds with oil paints on the roof
for weathering. I'll mix up a medium grey from black & white and paint
an irregular line by the roof caps to denote where paint flaked off -
not unlike how the military modelers do with WWII wings where the
panels were chipped or walked on. Since it's oil and dries slowly you
can then blend different parts so you get a variation in grays. On the
cars with wooden roofs I'll spray rail brown as an undercoat and then
spray the final color over it. When dry take an Exacto No 11 and
scrape off the top color where the brown shows through on individual
boards. I just did a B&O M15e last night I went over the roof and car
sides and it really helped age the car.


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