Re: USRA Standard 100-ton Gondola Car Design


Al Kresse wrote:

Many of those B&O Quad Hops would eventually be reblt at the C&Os
Raceland Car Shops in the late-60s.


Actually the cars rebuilt at Raceland in the 1960's were the B&O classes
W-7, W-8 and W-9 AAR off-set side triple hoppers. The W-7 were build
after WWII (1947 and 1948) and the class W-8 and W-9 were added in 1956
and 1958 respectively.

Although ouside the time period for this group, I did a chart of these
B&O hoppers showing their disappearance from the B&O roster and their
addition to the C&O roster after the re-buildings. According to the ORER
of 1969 the B&O received ~1720 of these rebuilt hopper cars.

Bob Witt

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