Re: NYC Rebuilt USRA Gondolas - black colour scheme

Richard Hendrickson

On Oct 13, 2008, at 9:25 AM, Monk Alan wrote:

just taken delivery of my third NYC's rebuilt USRA gon (F&C kit) and,
for variety (having finished the first two in freight car red/brown) I
rather fancy finishing it in the earlier NYC black colour scheme which
was applied, according to the instructions, throught to 1942.
Couple of
questions first though...

1. Was the lettering any different to that supplied with the kit?

Alan, I built mine years ago, so I'm not certain, but my
recollection is that I supplemented the kit decals, which (as was
often true of F&C) weren't very good. Of course, they may be better

2. Would the black scheme still be seen in the mid-50s (when my layout
will be set)??

Well, as they say in your part of the English speaking world, not
bloody likely. By the mid-'50s many of these cars had been retired
or rebuilt, so their numbers were declining, and though a few might
have survived that long with black paint, modeling one would verge on
the implausible.

A pointer to a pic verifying either/both would be a bonus!

I have several photos of what appear (in B/W photos) to be black NYC
gons dating from the 1930s, but none later than that.

Richard Hendrickson

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