Re: New HO scale 70-ton flatcar

Marty McGuirk

Could there be an upside to this? Such as a possible resurgence of
kits vs. rtr, if assembly starts to cost too much over there?

Walt Lankenau
Possible, but I'd say not likely.

Intermountain, Red Caboose, and Branchline could easily shift to kit
production for most of their cars, as the tooling is still in the US.
Biggest issue would be decorating, as the Chinese prices for multi-
color masking were always a lot better than doing the same paint jobs
here. But, with investment in some better equipment IRC and RC could
duplicate any of the multi-color paint jobs and steel plate-like
printing the Chinese are doing. (Branchline likley has the best model
railroad printing setup in the country, with the possible exception
of Micro-Trains!)

Atlas, Walthers, Athearn, etc . . . would have a different problem
since it would likely cost as much to ship pre-packaged kits back
here from the facilities overseas than it would to ship finished
products. I suppose they could ship parts in bulk and then package
them here, but many of the arrangements with facilities overseas call
for minimum molding and decorating quantities per set up, so I don't
think there would be any appreciable cost savings.


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