G.A.R.X. Rock Island Reefer

JGG KahnSr

Andy, Gene, et alii
Also TSC #3 (1931 CBC reprints). I THOUGHT the MRR article was sometime around the late 1950's (Paul Larson's Golden Age). I am glad I painted my [extensively rebuilt] ScaleCraft refrigerator car with yellow sides (using Champ MKT/GATX decals).
Jace Kahn

As a matter of interest, plans and photos of the GARX Rock Island reefer
appeared in the 1925 Car Builders Cyclopedia and were reprinted in Train Shed
Cyclopedia No. 61. Also Model Railroader had a story on building an O Scale
model by Al Kamm Jr in the April 1960 issue. Al painted the car sides
yellow, the roof and ends "boxcar red", and the underframe black. He used
Walther decals for the lettering.
.>Andy Hart

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