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Bruce Smith

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C'mon, guys, get real about prices. I have it on good authority from
a manufacturer who prefers not to be quoted that the cost of
everything in China - molding, assembly, packaging - is going up
rapidly, and gets higher every week. It won't be long before
assembled HO scale freight car models will be selling in the $40-$50
Could there be an upside to this? Such as a possible resurgence of
kits vs. rtr, if assembly starts to cost too much over there?

Walt Lankenau
Probably not, but I will note that IM stuff is usually available as undec kits, and all of the decals for the 70 ton flat cars are available through Sunshine, if you want to go that route. With most of us having shelves of unbuilt resin, and the correct paint and lettering apparently coming out in the RTR, I doubt that there will be very many who go that route for this car.

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