Re: New HO scale 70-ton flatcar


Well Cheaper ?
I never pay list for a model anyway. But $45.00 Plus Trucks,
Couplers,paint & Time ??
Whose Trucks will you run, Which coupler's?
Have seen add's for the new car at $21.50 already (pre Order)
A lot of people just don't have the time to mess with building a resin kit
Or a place to get out the spray gun.
or both.
I was going to order a couple kits but think I will wait and check out the
Plastic flat.
kinda like there NE-5s that just came out. List was $49.50. I got a mess of
them for me & a friend at $32.50 ea. And the Detail on that is a lot better
than the Resin Kit or the Brass that was out there.
Seams Everybody wants to try and second guess them Will they do this or
that. What about the other ???
What say we give them a chance to show what they have.
If it comes out 3/4 as nice as a Resin kit ?? Well there may be a fire sale
on resin kits.
Have a friend who makes Resin Kits of Eastern road power. Had a DL-109 way
before Walthers and a HH-660 Years B4 Atlas. But ?? He had some Problems and
as long as the Plastic guys make what he has been doing for years his Resin
stuff is going by the wayside. He made a NE-5 years ago. Cant sell them.
Not the Detail that is in the Plastic kit. And cant match the price.
Jim ( in the PNW)

In a message dated 10/14/2008 6:17:08 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
jimandlisa97225@... writes:

AT $30 apiece for the IMRC version, it's cheaper to go with the Protowest
www.protowestmodelswww.protowestmodels<WBR>.com resin kit at 2 for $44.95. I
couple of weeks ago and it's a nice kit.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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