Re: Rice Shipments By Rail

Richard Hendrickson

Tim O'Connor writes:

California currently produces about 2 million tons of rice; that is about
1/4 of U.S. production. A lot of the rest comes from Arkansas, Louisiana
and Mississippi. Most California rice probably still does not travel by
rail since huge markets and export docks are very close by.
I can't cite numbers (and am not interested enough to do any research on
this subject), but there are rice elevators all over the place in the
Sacramento valley, most have rail spurs, and a LOT of covered hoppers are
spotted at or near them. Most Calif. rice may not be shipped by rail, but
a lot of it is. Rice is obviously a major source of traffic for the
California Northern (ex-SP west side line).

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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