Re: New Bulkhead HO scale 70-ton flatcar

Ed Hawkins

On Oct 15, 2008, at 12:57 PM, jim_mischke wrote:

After watching obscure ATSF and Missouri Pacific versions of popular
car types come out because of some consultant's favorite railroad,
feels good to win one.

Jim Mischke
B&OHS Model Committee
Uhh, what I don't quite understand is why there wasn't a similar vague
reference to the obscure Accurail triple offset-side AAR 70-ton hopper
car that was ONLY correct (albeit poorly rendered Z-sections on the
ends) for 1,000 B&O W-7 cars produced in 1947. I've often wondered how
that "rare" car happened to be selected when there were other superior
choices. Surely the decision wasn't made by some self-interested B&O
modeler. At any rate, I'm glad you have learned the process of how to
get self-interest models produced. Among other good choices, could the
B&O version of the AAR 50-ton hopper car (a car that was built in huge
numbers) be far away? <g>
Ed Hawkins

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