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. . . I do dislike having to buy more than one
car to get a kit.
Meaning what? Trying to find enough parts that match?
Meaning more than one car comes in a package, like Kato covered hoppers
or Broadway Limited PRR stock cars or now ProtoWest.
Ah, very good point. That did bug me about the Kato hoppers (which I
never bought), and now that you mention it, didn't the Broadway N&W
hoppers only come in six-packs? That's fine if you model the N&W, but
if you just want to deliver *an* N&W car of coal to an online
industry, you likely don't want six of them.

I seem to have the problem which I mentioned . . . often in resin kits
the parts don't match, not even one side to the other, let alone the
roof and/or floor.

That's one reason I prefer a good styrene kit. I have yet to try a
one-piece body resin kit, but I look forward to doing so.

Walt Lankenau

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