Re: B&O Boxcar Paint Info.?

jeffhalloin <jhalloin@...>


According to information compiled by John Nehrich and posted on the
RPI club website, the first verison of the B&O "13 States" herald
appeared in 1946 and was modified somewhat about a year later; it
lasted until until 1955, when the billboard scheme was introduced on
box cars.

As an aside, the RPI club website is a very good resouce for paint
scheme information, as are the published guides.


Jeff Halloin


--- In STMFC@y..., Kathe Robin <kathe@c...> wrote:
I've got an older resin kit of a B&O M15K which I had built and
decaled with the "Links 13 Great States to the Nation" round herald
and a repack date in 1951. Could someone please tell me when this
herald was first used, and over what span of tears it was common?

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