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Tim O'Connor

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From: "Gatwood, Elden J SAD " <elden.j.gatwood@...>
You guys are depressing me. There are >100 guys I know on both coasts, that
love building kits and bring lots of models to meets. They are just
outnumbered by the many that now buy RTR exclusively, and those of us that
buy and enjoy both. There would be no resin kit manufacturers, either, if
there weren't thousands of guys that like kit building.
I sure hope you're right... I've been assessing my Dad's huge collection
of unbuilt Athearn and other foobie kits (somewhere on the order of 1,000
or so) and contemplating trying to sell them... I was startled to learn on the
USPS web site that it now costs $10 to mail a 2 lb box to California* from
Massachusetts, and $5 for 1 lb. I figure I'll be lucky to get $3-$4 on Ebay
for a kit... even though many of them cost $10 or more 10-15 years ago,
as most of them are custom decorated (Bev-Bel etc). Gad.

Maybe I should just do the hobby a favor and grind them up for compost.

Tim O'Connor
Drowning in Blue Boxes...

* Think about that price -- that's $10,000/ton from MA to CA! I could lease
a private jet for that much.

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