Re: Where did ERTL go wrong?

Al & Patricia Westerfield <westerfield@...>

We will have the rebuilt X26s at the PRRT&HS annual meeting - Hutchins roof
and either patched wood, Youngstown or X28 Creco door. When PRR rebuilt
their X28 fleet to box cars they were left with thousands of 1/2-doors that
fit nothing else. They welded two together with a patch over the seam to
create full doors to upgrade the X26. Both Youngstown and Creco doors were
done. Look at the photo in July-Aug 1980 MM again and you will see the
patch on the door. It wasn't until I printed blueprints of the doors
recently that I had photographed years ago that this info jumped out.

The X23 will not be ready. We still hope to show completed castings for the
side and end.

As usual, if anyone wants us to bring a specific kit to the meeting, let me
know. - Al Westerfield

I'm holding out for the post-1935 PRR Class X26 minor rebuilds - and
that's after I buy two or three Class X23 kits, hopefully at the
PRRT&HS annual meeting next month.

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