Re: New Athearn VGN 3 bay hopper

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Jim Mischke wrote:
"I believe this VGN car is a tool-modified MDC three bay offset

I believe that you are incorrect.

The lettering for the Pennsy car in this product annoucement is
particularly heinous.
The only relation this model bears to any VGN car is that it has three
hopper bays. The VGN had two series of triple hoppers, classes H5 and
H14. The only kit suitable for a VGN triple hopper is the Westerfield
USRA triple, of which the VGN purchased 500, class H5. There is
nothing close to the 3730 members of classes H14/H14A (class H34 on
the N&W post-merger) 70-ton triples, the last VGN hoppers.

Bill McClure

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