Black or Red

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

Gene Green is not one to give up on a garment because of a little
ware. In a recent Email he still insist that the 65001 series M&StL two
bay USRA hoppers were black not red as noted in an article in RMJ
several years ago. I haven't looked up the article, but assume it was
done by Richard. Richard, do you remember where you got the paint
information? Also I think the USRA composite gondolas that Gene had
Intermountain do in black may have been red. Can anyone help out on that
Thanks for any responses,
PS speaking of magazine articles, I see our leader's RR may the cover of
a magazine. Congratulations. One question of Mike; How come for being
the leader of a freight car group all that is in the pictures are (ugly)
UP engines?

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