Re: IRC 1958 cuft hoppers



How about giving all those kits to a local orphanage, school, cub scout
pack, etc. and spread the model railroad virus to some of them? You can take a
tax write off for the donation (full original list price?). Sure, they are
not state of the art products, but a lot of kids might enjoy building these
"entry-level" kits. Seems to me like a very good way to help engender that next
generation of modelers who will buy kits. I've done this with some kids in
our area. Not only Athearn blue box but some Branchline and Red Caboose kits
too that I knew I'd never build. I also give away my old Model Railroader
and Scale Rails to kids. They love it! Having a month-old issue of MR or SR
is better than having no magazines to read.

Jerry Michels
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