Kits and modelers and the future


Still, before you get too discouraged about the upcoming generations, take a
drive by any tourist railroad during a Thomas the Tank event. When the "Blue
B****ard" (as at least one crew member terms it!) shows up at Essex you can't
get near the place.

And that is part of the problem. I too have heard a lot of degrading
comments about Thomas the Tank Engine spewed about by "mature" modelers. Same kind
of thing with people degrading Model Railroader as too simplistic or
repetitive. We need to keep in mind that an interest in railroads, real or modeled,
does not spring forth fully developed. It is something that grows
organically with a person's interest and skills. No four-year old is interested in
building, or has the ability to build, a resin kit, but they might love Thomas.
From Thomas, maybe for some it leads to shake to box kits, then more complex
kits, and so forth. If we really are interested in the next generation of
modelers we need to take the time to nurture them along. It does work. But
it also takes time.

I'm no big player in this game. My son was never interested, and my
granddaughter will probably not take up the hobby. So, the future of model
railroading for me is of little interest. I have no reason to worry about kits being
available for the next generation. Walthers catalog does not seem to be
shrinking in size. Can it be used as a bell weather of the future?

Jerry Michels

BTW, can we make some effort on the list to NOT include previous responses
in a message? Some of these are to the point where the whole thread is in
each message. Very messy to try reading.
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