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I too would be very interested in seeing photos of the P&N caboose (as
well as the P&N office car that's at Greenwood museum, the "Carolina", and
the interurban car), especially if there could be detail photos to make a
good model with!

Eric, if you want info on the P&N's freight cars, please look at not the
last but the issue before last, that has part one of a P&N freight car
article, covering boxcars; part two will follow in the next issue to come
out, and will cover all other freight cars plus MoW - no cabooses though.


Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

That would be fabulous. My wife's father is a railfan for the
Piedmont & Northern and my wife has asked me to build him an O scale
of his favorite line to put on the mantle of his fire place. Hence, I am
trying to get a good photo so I can find a close caboose and then build
requested model, helping me with both wife and father-in-law!
Your help would be deeply, deeply appreciated!
I model HO an extension of the Santa Fe's Clarkdale branch circa
1926, but am happy to learn more about the P&N and the railroads of the

Eric Hiser
Phoenix, AZ

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How about we go to Greenwood and get some pictures for you. What
do you need.

We are in Columbia, SC and not that far from Greenwood. Luckily I am
married to a woman who has riddden in steam engine cabs as a child. She
likes and understand railroads.

Want a show of hands for those married guys who have a wife who will
say while having dinner, "You know we need to start a communter line from
Newberry, SC to Columbia, SC."
I submit I am very lucky, she even has relatives, Uncle Shelby Lowe, who
wrote the book on Southern steam, a Grandfather E.E. Lowe who was the
Conductor on The Southern Cresent when he retired, with a Great
Alonzo Lowe who was an engineer for a line that the Southern absorbed.

So she will say 'road trip' if you send me the website of the museum.
We will get everything we can for you.

Are you in HO?

Bob McCarthy
Modeling in Scale S the Mighty Central of Georgia in the 1950's

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I am looking for a photograph of a Piedmont & Northern Caboose, preferably
during the early part of the 20th Century. I have checked the P&N book,
the photo in it is not very helpful. I know that there is a preserved
caboose at the Railroad Historical Center in Greenwood, SC, but they do
have a photo of any of the equipment on the webpage. Does anyone have a
photo that they could share or a reference to where one may be? It would

Eric Hiser
Phoenix, AZ


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