Re: NH 1937 AAR boxcars

Walter M. Clark

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Funny you mention the 10'IH postwar cars....just completed those with
the Archer rivets (see the Archer rivets photo folder on STMFC) <G>.

Interestingly, photo evidence suggests these cars remained in script
herald until ca. 1966 when they were re-painted in the 'Alpert'
or 'Trustee' scheme. The same seems to hold true for the 31000-series
1937 AAR box cars. In effect, you can model many of the New Haven Box
Cars (except the 30000-series) in script herald up to 1960 (or beyond,
but that's past the scope of STMFC) and have a time-appropriate repaint

Does your broadside of 36003 show the triangle stencil applied to the
right of the road number?

--- In STMFC@..., "Brian J Carlson" <brian@> wrote:

Thanks Peter, I have a Richard Burg broadside of 36003 c. 1959. At
glance, I thought the discoloration on the sill to the left of the
door was
just weathering. Upon close inspection, I see that is indeed a trust
I should have expected that location since it is the same as the PS-
1's and
postwar 10' IH cars.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY
Peter, I'm interested in your comment about the 1937 AAR cars. I
model the far West, but we know from previous threads that box cars
traveled far and wide. What year were these built, square or W corner
posts, and are the Red Caboose kits correct? Also, what decals would
you recommend? I could add one to my growing pile of un-built kits.

Time stopped in November 1941
Walter M. Clark
Pullman, Washington, USA

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