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Bob - The Erie car was built by Pressed Steel Car Co. circa 1902. I have the builder's photo but can't locate it at the moment. It was a standard design they used for about 3 years. The trucks are PSC's version of the Fox trucks but not Fox. Erie also ordered 50' furniture cars of the same design; a photo and plan appear in the 1906 CBD. The box car and Iowa Central car are identical except for so trim details. - Al Westerfield

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> Here is an image of an Erie box car parked along side the Greigsville
> Feed Mill in the town of York, New York. There's no date on the
> picture but this looks to be a bit before the jet age.
> Would those be Fox trucks on this car?
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> illOldStateRoad.jpg
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> link.)
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The Iowa Central had box cars that were quite similar to the ERIE car
pictured in that they, too, had Fox trucks, a pressed steel side sill
and were less than 40 ft. long. An example survives at North Freedom
wearing a later M&StL paint scheme.

Gene Green

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