Re: Walthers Michigan ore car (NEW)

Bob Hainstock <boblh@...>

While I will admit that I am somewhat glad that Walthers is
producing these 70 ton cars, I really keep hoping that someone
would mass-produce a 50 ton steel ore car, a much more common
car in the steam era of the ore operations of the Michigan
upper peniunsula ore operations.

I've heard rumors that Tichy was considering a car design that
C&NW, Soo, and DSS&A each used, I've not heard anymore about
that project. Is there any news on that front?

And yes I do have some of the excellent Westerfield GN cars,
also used by the Lake Superior and Ishpeming.

And a note of possible interest regarding the width of the
"Michigan" car. And okay I admit that this is outside of steam
era: the Wisconsin Central had to remove every other track in
the old Escanaba C&NW ore yard when the yard was converted over
to handling regular freight cars.

Bob Hainstock

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